Still going strong

Still tracking and keeping on top of my workouts, things have just been busy and this little adventure of blogging is at the bottom of my to-do list.

I have decided to start my 30th year challenges on the 1st of October- 24 days before the big 3-0! There are several ideas I have brewing, I just have to nail down what I really want to do first and go from there.

Here are the top goals I have for my 30th year:

1. Cut diet soda down to 1-2 a week and ultimately all together.
2. Start and complete Insanity and Chalean Extreme
3. Consider going back to school for a health/nutrition degree, or possibly starting out with a simple PT cert.
4. Try a 30 day Paleo challenge.. mainly to see if my body sees the benefits most studies claim.

and for the big one….

5. Train for and compete in a fitness competion! I know it sounds vain, but ultimately, to me, it would be pretty cool to work my ass off and show off the results. This one is definitely one that may take longer than a year; but we shall see.


About takingchargeofme

A soon-to-be 30 year old wife, mother of two, daughter, friend, fitness and nutrition enthusiast. I love anything food- especially recreating recipes with more wholesome ingredients. I have a passion for working out and running. I am here to document my journey to 30 and beyond. The countdown is on, 44 days until the BIG 30.. I am pretty excited, I have lots of plans!
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