Some people call it selfishness, I call it healthy

So often I run into people, especially moms, who say they never get to workout because of their kids or other things going on in their lives.The main reason I always get from moms is how guilty they feel for taking their kids to daycare while they workout or making them do something quiet/play by themselves. I was one of those moms, I get it. But, then something clicked, and I thought, for everyone involved, it is actually healthier that I take that selfish time for myself to workout, because without it, I am NOT pleasant to be around. Many people don’t get it, but once your body gets accustomed to working out, and then doesn’t get those endorphins, it isn’t pretty. I get grouchy and testy towards everyone I come in contact with. I often wonder if the symptoms are those that drug addicts experience during withdrawl-

So, my advice to all those out there not working out because they feel guilty taking “me” time, give it a week- that is all I am asking. Tell all the naysayers it will happen and implement a routine and start taking care of you and I promise, life will start to get a little brighter and you will start to crave that feeling you get when it is over. And soon, before you know it, it will be like your morning cup of joe and people will know that is what happens in your day. And it will become what you want/need.


About takingchargeofme

A soon-to-be 30 year old wife, mother of two, daughter, friend, fitness and nutrition enthusiast. I love anything food- especially recreating recipes with more wholesome ingredients. I have a passion for working out and running. I am here to document my journey to 30 and beyond. The countdown is on, 44 days until the BIG 30.. I am pretty excited, I have lots of plans!
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