Life Happens…

Well I am still here- just busy as ever. You can definitely tell that Fall is in the air! School fundraisers, Squadron fundraisers and Halloween candy and yummy pinterest recipes being pinned. BUT, we all know that ABS are in the kitchen and because I have let my challenge to eat clean/paleo until by birthday slip by- I have inacted a new challenge that I am determined to keep. I am posting it on my MFP site as well- I need all the accountability I can get. So from Oct. 28- Nov. 21 I am giving up ALL DIET Soda and limiting my artificial sweetners to include stevia. I am steering clear of as much processed food as possible. Especially boxed crackers and chips. I will not give up my rice cakes though- that is asking a lot. And, most importantly I am giving up most sugar. One sweet a week is what I am striving for, and two-three small candies on actually halloween. Here’s hoping to a strong mind to achieve this end goal challenge!

P.S. Insanity is going great- starting week 3 tomorrow!


About takingchargeofme

A soon-to-be 30 year old wife, mother of two, daughter, friend, fitness and nutrition enthusiast. I love anything food- especially recreating recipes with more wholesome ingredients. I have a passion for working out and running. I am here to document my journey to 30 and beyond. The countdown is on, 44 days until the BIG 30.. I am pretty excited, I have lots of plans!
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